What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a long established, holistic and proven therapy that uses the body’s own potential to heal itself when confronted with illness or pain. In particular, attention is paid to the structure of the body and how the structure allows the rest of the body to function properly. Damaged or tight muscles, tendons and ligaments, irritated joints and nerves are all treated to restore the patient’s health.

What to expect

Our Osteopaths will carry out an initial diagnosis that lasts for up to 45 minutes. This includes a physical examination and taking a detailed case history to determine the cause of the complaint and where the key imbalance lies. Once this is completed, the Osteopath will develop a tailored treatment programme to address the symptoms and specific needs of the patient. Subsequent treatments will last for up to 40 minutes. Call the team to discuss this.

Some of the many conditions we treat

Generalised aches and pains, joint pains, including hip and knee pain from osteoarthritis as an adjunct to core OA treatments and exercise, arthritic pain, general, acute and chronic backache, uncomplicated mechanical neck pain (as opposed to neck pain following injury i.e. whiplash), headache arising from the neck (cervicogenic), frozen shoulder/shoulder and elbow pain/tennis elbow arising from associated musculoskeletal conditions of the back and neck (but not isolated occurrences), circulatory problems, cramp, digestion problems, joint pains, lumbago, sciatica, muscle spasms, neuralgia, fibromyalgia, inability to relax, rheumatic pain, minor sports injuries and tensions and many more.

About our Osteopaths:

All Blossom Health Osteopaths are fully qualified and have completed a full time and intensive 4 year programme in Osteopathy and Naturopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London (formerly the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy). This is a leading school and research establishment in the field of complimentary health.

All practitioners are fully registered members of the General Osteopathic Council, and the British Osteopathic Association. They all adhere to strict codes of Safe Practice and Ethics.


5 stars!

“Payal at Blossom Health has worked so hard using her skills in acupuncture and osteopathy to get me back to full health. She has helped me get pregnant after a miscarriage and then helped get my dodgy pelvis following two natural births, be restored to full working order. I can’t rate her highly enough! She does really affordable 30 minute sessions which fit perfectly into busy lives.”

– Green Wich

We offer osteopathy treatments. We also provide a Smoking Cessation program.
For osteopathy in Eltham, call on 020 3718 8712 or 07985 732 958